Top 10 Graphic Novels: Material Collected in the Last 5 Years.

These are all graphic novels I have purchased- so this is a top 10 list that I can put my opinion where my money already went. All material here was originally published in comic form in the last 5 years. Enjoy (I did)!

Thor, God of Thunder vol 2; Godbomb: Thors, as in multiple Thors, getting together to save the all the universe from the beginning to the end. Axes, hammers, dialog and bodies fly as gods duke it out at the end of time and space. There might not be enough mead for the whole shebang.

Hawkeye vol 3; LA Women: It is a great story on the growing pains of a young adult’s first flight from the nest. Set to the backdrop of a whirlwind, revenge driven plot of a young woman surviving a super-villain attack embarrassed. Growing pains have never been so fun to read.

Rasputin vol 1; The Road to the Winter Palace: The mystique, the weather, the intrigue. Russian literature, politics, geography and culture has always been a favorite of mine. This book captures all of that perfectly. In this inaugural volume we get to witness Rasputin’s rise to power, and why he is legend.

Thief of Thieves vol 4; The Hit List: This collection is an explosion. Action, double and triple crossed, and some very smart writing. We finally see Conrad bring it all together, giving us Ultimate Conrad. Do not cross Ultimate Conrad.

Batman New 52 vol 1; Court of Owls: Batman, scared, desperate, with nowhere to hide; Gotham has never been such a frightening place.

East of West vol 1; The Promise: You would think Religion, Westerns, and Science Fiction thrown in together would be apocalyptic. You are correct.

Moon Knight vol 1; From Dead: There is very few people in comics that can write this kinetically, and they all inspire to do what Warren Ellis has done here. We get treated here to 6 stories that showcase Moon Knight’s talents. The perfect Marc Spector/Moon Knight.

Velvet vol 1; Before the Living End: One day you are living the quiet life, behind the desk on a comfortable nine-to-five. The next, you have been framed for murder and espionage against the state. Spies never get to retire.

Southern Bastards vol 1; Here Was a Man: A man dealing with his hometown’s rocky past and present problems. Strap yourself in! Go Rebs!
Nowhere Men vol 1; Fates Worse than Death: Science is the new Rock’n’Roll, and it has bigger pyrotechnics.