Join us for our new Miniature Miniatures Tournaments!
2nd and 4th Thursdays Starting at 6 p.m.
June 9 & 23 / July 8 + 22 / August 11 + 25
500 point Armies

Thursday Night Fights: A Warhammer 40k bi-weekly event.
What: A small point swiss style mini-tournament for beginners and veterans alike.

Why: To provide an entry level event for new players to grow and expand their games and collection, to give veterans an ability to start slowly collecting new models without having to immediately buy a large army, and to get everyone more games.

When: The second and fourth Thursday of every month, at 6pm until tourney is over.
June 9th and 23rd, July 8th and 22nd, and August 11th and 25th.

How: The events will be 3 round events, with an hour for every round. Each round will be played in 4 turns with a random 5th turn (using the usual random 6th turn rule from the rulebook).
Each game will be set up on a 4’x3′ space of table (we will be dividing the 4’x6′ table in half), and will have 3 objective markers, one marked 1-2, a second marked 3-4, and a third marked 5-6. All missions will be basic Maelstrom of War missions, with Hammer and Anvil deployments (4′ edge will be long side table edge).

Army lists will all use the 1 modified Combined Arms detachment, and no other detachments or formations will be usable.
Modified Combined Arms:
Compulsory: 1 Troop unit. Optional: 1 HQ
1 Troop
1 Elite
1 Fast Attack
1 Heavy

Further Restrictions:
Must have one character in the army to be your Warlord choice, can be the upgrade character to a unit.
HQ models cannot exceed 175 points of your army (subject to changes).
NO Super Heavies, Lords of War, or Fortifications.
1 option for Vehicle/Monstrous Creature. If the choice can squad, squad max size is 1.
1 option for Walker/Monstrous Creature. If the choice can squad, squad max size is 1.
1 option for a flyer. It takes the place of one of the Vehicle/Monstrous Creature slot.
Rules of War: All troop choices and HQ choices are ‘Objective Secured.’ If your warlord is an HQ model, you may reroll your Warlord Traits result, you must keep the second roll.