Q: Do you buy comics and how much do you pay?
A: We buy all sorts of stuff, but primarily we but comics and Magic the Gathering cards.

The price we pay depends on condition and need, but we give a fair price and more then you would get at most retail shops because we have better idea of what we need and what will sell to our customers which allows use to give a higher percentages then most shops and larger big box stores.

Q: How long will you hold my pull list?
A: We hold comics for two weeks unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We understand sometimes circumstances happen beyond your control. You can call and cancel your pull list at any time.

Q: Do you sell video games?
A: No, we do not sell video games or other electronic games.

Q: Are the game rooms free?
A: Yes!

Q: I don’t see it on the shelf, can you order it for me?
A: If it’s in print, we will special order it for you!

Q: Are you open on the holidays?
A: Usually, yes, but we sometimes close early for holidays like the Christmas Eve, 4th of July and New Year’s Eve. We are closed Christmas Day. Call ahead just to make sure!