Jim’s Command Card of the Month – Collective Blessing!

I am not a big fan of most anthem effects.

For the people that don’t know anthem effects are named after Glorious Anthem and are cards that give all your creatures a boost to Power and/or Toughness. They are state-based abilities, meaning any time the timing rules change to the next item or action to resolve, the game state is checked, and any abilities are applied. In the case of anthem effects, the state will always find the creatures are bigger due to the players anthem effect, be it when they just entered play, someone cast a spell, anything relevant. I bring this up because all this math kind of slows the game down sometimes, and decks that play anthem effects usually play multiples, so there is a lot of math to be applied.

So what makes this one different in my eyes?

Its the biggest static anthem effect, and when it comes down, your creatures usually win all the combats. That’s why. Its simple, you need one, and multiple of three is not hard math.