Jim’s Commander Card of the Month

Repercussions: Red Enchantment, Urza’s Destiny.

This card will either speed the game up considerably or slow it down to a crawl; of course it depends when the enchantment is deployed.

To speed up the game, you will want to wait until everyone has plenty of creatures on the table, besides you. Then draw a card that deals damage to all creatures. Play Repercussions, then the spell that damages all the creatures, and watch the other players scramble. A fun card to help support this play is Soulfire Grand Master, gain that life has players are losing life.

Now you can slow the game down, playing a good number of lifelink, and ‘protection from x’ creatures, and watch as no one will attack. It is already a cluster of decisions to decide if one should attack in a multi-player game. Leaving yourself open is usually the frightful dilemma, but now throw in the fact that they will damage themselves in the process of attacking you … Yeah, attacks aren’t happening.

Two different tactics, one card, this is the type of card one should always look at in Commander.