Jim’s Commander Card of the Month:

Constant Mists, (Instant/Stronghold)

Anybody who has played me in Magic, especially in Commander constructed, knows of my love for fog effects in the game, I really don’t like taking your combat damage.

My adoration for the card goes back all the way to the winter in which Stronghold came out. I was messing around with a green/white control deck that was supposed to keep me in the game long enough to drop some win condition that I can’t even remember, and the key card was suppose to be Sacred Mesa, the eponymous pegasus maker. I threw 2 copies of Constant Mists to support my 4 Fogs. Mists became the stand out star of the deck, allowing me to “Time Walk” every turn. So when I got back into Magic in 2009, and was playing this new casual Eternal format, I started looking for cards that stood out from my history to go along with the new cards that tempted me back in. I found one such card, and now many of my buddies cuss whenever I state, “Constant Mists, with buyback!”