October Previews Quick Picks.

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, page 69: There is going to be a lot of Martial Arts!

Robin War #1, page 72: A series spotlight on the most intriguing characters in the current DCU.

Where Monsters Dwell TPB, page M100: One of the funniest of the Secret Wars tie-ins.

Thor vol 1: Goddess of Thunder TPB, page M111: The continuing tale of Jason Aaron’s great run on Thor. This story had some of the best art in Thor’s history of publication.

The Private Eye-Cloudburst Edition HC, page 180: Collecting Brian K. Vaughn’s and Marcos Martin’s online comic in print for the first time.

Blood Stain OGN, page 218: Linda Sejic writes an entertaining and humorous look at mad science.

Freakangels Complete Collection Slipcase Set, page 269: Warren Ellis plug of the month. A really great comic all in one set.

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons #1, page 271: The Storyteller series is a gorgeous and fantastically told series of fantasy tales, and this one focuses on Dragons.

Voltron Altimite DX Transforming Super Deformed Figure, page 512: This is an awesome looking Voltron figure, one of the best for quite some time.

Movie Realization Star Wars: Meisho Bobo Fett Figure, page 550: Boba Fett and samurai armour, what is not to love?