by Chris

Now that we are finally reaching the end of Marvel’s line-wide crossover Secret Wars, I thought I’d take a look at some of the new and relaunching books I’m excited about. In no discernible order, here we go:

Dr. Strange (Aaron/Bachalo), Thor (Aaron/Dauterman) – Jason Aaron in the last several years become one of my favorite Marvel writers, especially in the last two volumes of Thor. I’m very excited to see his take on Dr. Strange.

The Ultimates (Ewing/Rocafort) – This book has nothing to do with the late Ultimate Universe, but instead follows up from the recent under appreciated Mighty Avengers title. Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Spectrum and America Chavez look to be squaring off against Galactus in their first arc.

Ms. Marvel (Wilson/Miyazawa/Alphona) – Easily one of the best books from Marvel this last year, this relaunch continues to follow breakout character and new Avenger Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (North/Henderson) – Another relaunch, this book is funny and charming as all get out. May not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I unabashedly love it.

Honorable Mentions (that seem cool but I don’t really have anything interesting to say about them): All-New, All Different Avengers, All-New X-men, Spider-Woman.