Join us for our Warhammer 40k Escalation League January 2016-February 2016

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To get together a little more frequently and to help players built up their armies from medium size warbands to fully realized behemoths.

We will be playing over the course of 6 Sundays and Mondays. Games can be played on any day of the week, at the Gatekeeper, but the major days scheduled are Sundays and Mondays. League starts on January 24th and ends at 5:30 pm February 28th, in which we will hand out prize support after 5:30.

Weekly structure: The points and build restrictions stay in effect until the next day of change. The days of change are as follows.
Jan. 24th: 1500 points. 1 Lords of War.
Jan 31st: 1500 points. 1 Lords of War.
Feb 7th: 1850 points. 2 Lords of War.
Feb 14th: 2000 points. 3 Lords of War.
Feb 21st: 2250 points. 3 Lords of War.
Feb 28th: 2500 points. Any Lords of War.
Build Restrictions:
The first thing everyone needs to do is pick a single Detachment/Formation, and the army they will be using with that Detachment/Formation. For the duration of the league that will be your Primary Detachment. Every league game the player will be required to play with that Detachment/Formation. A few points to outline on the Detachment/Formation a player picks:
1. It can be any single Detachment/Formation. It can be a small restrictive Formation, or a large open-ended Detachment.
2. Though you will be slotted into having that single Detachment/Formation, the models and upgraded in the Detachment/Formation is mercurial. That means you may change how you are spending the points inside the Detachment/Formation from game to game.
3. Players are not to pick one of the multiple Detachment/Formations (Decurian style Detachments).
4. The Detachment/Formation can be a part or portion of another Detachment/Formation, in needs not be independent of everything else you might want to play.
Example: Jim decided he is going to play the Hunter Cadre from the Tau Empire codex. The first game he decided he is going to play the Hunter Contingent Detachment and the Hunter Cadre being a requirement for that particular Detachment he slots in his Hunter Cadre for the requirement and then picks other Formations to make the Hunter Contingent legal. During the game Jim feels that he has too many Fire Warrior teams, and not enough Pathfinder teams in his Hunter Cadre, so for next game he moves 2 Fire Warrior teams out and puts in 1 Pathfinder team, using the extra points left elsewhere on the list.
Other built restrictions:
1. Battle-forged, so your army needs to be a list of Detachment/Formations.
2. There is a restriction on how many lords of war a player can field over the weeks, with one caveat: Any player wanting their Primary Detachment to be from the Imperial Knights may play multiple of them, with the rest of their list having to pay attention to the Lords of War restriction. Week 6 will have no restrictions.
3. Forge World is open, but no 30k. Please bring the book that the rules are in, latest copy.
1. We will be playing random scenarios, roll 1-3 Eternal War, 4-6 Maelstom, then roll up the mission based on which type you rolled.
2. 2 games a week. If a player need a game you may play them, but only counting 2 games towards end of league pride points.
3. There will be league pages to fill out, please take time to fill it out correctly.
There will be 2 ways to score overall points in the league: Playing games and painting.
Playing Games:
1. A win will be worth 3 points, a draw worth 2 and a loss is worth 1 point.
2. Please write down how many Victory Points you scored for that will be used as tie breaks at end of league.
With painting points, the player will need to show the league official the unpainted model first and then the painted model later. All models will need to be at least 3 colors and based with at least one other material than the base itself.
Infantry models (25-40mm base) 1 point a model. Please bring in bunches if you can.
Bikes (bike and fly based) 2 points a model. Same as above.
Walker-sized models (60mm) 3 points a model.
Vehicles (vehicles) 4 points a model.
Garguatuan and Super-Heavies (large based) 5 points a model.
Once per league, player plays a full game (no conciding before, say, turn 4) with a fully painted army, 5 points.
League will be $30. All entry fees will go to prize support and be split up 5 ways, and be store credit.
1. Over-all scoring. If there is a tie, winner is most Victory Points plus Models painted.
2. Painting. Tie goes to most models painted.
3. Generalship. Tie goes to most Victory Points.
4. Random
5. Random
If one person is eligible for multiple prizes, they will receive one and then based on league points the next eligible person will get the other prize instead.