Join us September 19th for our first Warhammer 40k team tournament!

Warhammer 40k Partners Tournament:
This is a tournament were you and a partner play against another team of player partners.
Build Rules:
1. 1,250 points per person. The player is to make a separate 1,250 pt list that is equal or under the 1,250 mark. Excess points not spent cannot be given to your partner.
2. Battle-forged, up to 3 Detachments/Formations. If you are using one of the 7th Edition codex with a “Super” Detachment (ex. Craftworld Warhost), then the “Super” Detachment counts as all 3 Detachments/Formations.
3. If you and your partner are using different armies, Ally rules are in effect, except Come the Apocalypse rules, those are upgraded to Desperate Allies.
4. Only Super Heavies allowed are the units that appear in primary codexes.
5. No rules literature that haven’t been sold in the store.
Play Rules:
1. Each round is 2 hours and 45 minutes, that includes set up.
2. We will be using a combination of Eternal War and Maelstrom of War mission types.
3. Tournament will be 3 rounds, no pause for lunch.
4. Have Fun!
Please bring:
1. Army
2. Dice
3. Print material for any and all units your are using.
4. Tape measures, templates, and any other gaming aids.
5. 2 copies of your army list
6. A good attitude.