Magic the Gathering Fall Commander League 2016.

Where: Gatekeeper Hobbies
When: Thursdays 6pm to Close, October 20, 27, November 3, and 10.
What: A points based Commander league in which players will get 2-3 games in night.
Why: For fun! And prizes at the end.
How: $3.00 a night. All money goes to prize support, which will be the new Commander decks coming out on November 11th.
Players will be asked to show-up and play games in which they will be trying to gain and not lose points inside the games they are playing.

Points list:
-1, Analysis Paralysis: If a player takes more than 30 seconds to search their library. Can be achieved more than once a game.
-1, Stalled Out: If a player takes more than 3 turn in a row in a game. Can be achieved more than once a game.
-1, Puppet Master: If a player takes more than 2+ turn in a row for another player. Can be achieved more than once a game.
-1, Chasm: If a player completely eliminates an opponent’s Mana Base. Accumulative per player. Can be achieved more than once a game.
-1, No Go Around: Eliminate an opponent before the 6th turn. Accumulative per player.
+1, Tribal Dance: If a player control 5 or more non-token creatures all sharing the same Sub-type, and no other creatures that do not have that Sub-type.
+1, Sigh of Relief: If a opponent has enough to eliminate another player, and that player survives the turn.
+1, Lead from the Front: Eliminated an opponent with commander damage in one turn.
+1, Can’t Keep a Good Commander Down: Cast your Commander 3 times in one game.
+1, No Cost too Great: If a player pays 14+ mana to cast their commander.
+1, Copycat: Be the first player to copy a spell or a permanent in the game.
+1, Building a Buffer: Gain 10+ life in one turn.
+1, Its On!: Be the first player to do damage to an opponent in the game.
+1, There is Always Another Way: Eliminate an opponent through non-life non-poison loss.
+2, Attrition: Do 8+ points of damage to yourself in one turn.
+2, Equal Opportunity Destruction: Remove one of each permanent type from the battlefield. Permanent types: Planeswalker, Creature, Land, Artifact, Enchantment (We won’t count Tribal).
+2, The Gatewatch: Have 3+ planeswalker in play at the same time.
+2, Blatant Thievery: Control exactly one permanent of each of the opponents that started the game.
+2, Well That Was Fun: Be first player eliminated by an opponent. All opponents can get this at the same time.
+3, Victory: Win the game!
+4, Flawless: End the game without any life loss, or poison counters.

Open gaming is in effect, so whomever is ready to go, we will get 4 to 5 players in pod, and sent them on their merry, gaming way to a table. They are not timed and are finished upon conclusion.
On the effect of concession, 2 points will be awarded to each player still in the game if a concession is taken. This league is for fun, something to do on a Thursday night, and using a concession on offense is strongly discouraged.

The prizes will be the commander decks coming out on November 11th. We will be giving out 5 of them, and more depending on how many entries we have.
Prizes will be distributed in this order:
1st: Whoever gathered the most points.
2nd: Whoever played the most different players.
3rd: Whoever won the most games.
4th: Random.
5th: Random.