Top 10 Graphic Novels: Graphic Novels You Might Not Have Heard Of.

Like every Top 10 article these are all Graphic Novels I personally have sitting on my bookshelves. Enjoy! -Jim
by Jim

Nextwave: Agents of Hate Complete Collection: Warren Ellis’s look at the absurd side of Marvel comics with a cast of B & C-tier heroes and villains. Probably the funniest look at Marvel.

Blankets GN: Craig Thompson’s seminal look at first love and young love, the height of joy and the lowest of heartbreak, and how it shapes one into being a better man because of it.

Winter Men GN: This Vertigo graphic novel takes place after the collapse of Soviet Russia and follows four former Super Soldiers as the transverse their new Russia, while also surviving the old politics that created them in the first place. Intrigue mixed with great characterization makes this a great read.

Sleeper Omnibus TP: Brubaker and Phillips first crime noir comic! This Graphic Novel follows Holden Carver as he transverses the deep path of super powered criminals in the Wildstorm universe as a double agent. Hellish is the landscape when he realizes that he probably can never escape.

Scud the Disposable Assassin Whole Shebang TP: One of the funniest, original, and truly kinetic reads that sprung from the independent comic scene from the nineties. Hard to put down, the Golden McRobot and his enemies will have you laughing out loud every couple of pages.

Big Book of Barry Ween TP: The exploits of the smartest person in the world, 10 year old Barry Ween and his best friend Jeremy as they survive 5th grade, experiments gone wrong and the forces that want Barry to work for them. Though trouble can be memory wiped at any time.

Mark Schultz Xenozoic Tales Complete TP: This first thing that will stand out about this post apocalyptic tales is the gorgeous line work on every page. But just as breathtaking as the art in the great story and grandeur of ideas also presented on each page.

Box Office Poison Complete TP: Alex Robinson’s painfully honest take of the paths we all take as friends together from our roaring twenties to our mellowing thirties, of the paths we take and the paths we don’t take. A great read for anyone transitioning from young adulthood to adulthood.

The Couriers Complete Edition TP: Brian Wood’s first published work, and tale of full of kinetic energy, high-stakes hijinks and the love of noodles and guns.

Global Frequency TP: Yes, another Warren Ellis book. This book follows through 13 mind blowing chapters the agency know as Global Frequency, and the 101 agents tasked with solving the problems that humanity is usually ill equipped to deal with. They always get the job done.