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Strength 6 Shooting:

Strength 6 weaponry inhabits multiple middle grounds in Warhammer 40k that has become an important intersection of choice for competitive builds. The two grounds are the actual strength compared to other strength scores and the place of importance, and understanding where this particular strength score in importance for your army is the difference between wins and losses.

The pros of Strength 6 shooting lies in the combination of 3 outliers: cost, number of shots, and effectiveness. Now one could assertain that this if the fact for every strength category in ranged weaponry, and one would be right. The 3 outliers though taken together give most Strength 6 shooting in the game an interesting competitive advantage: they are usually cheap upgrades, usually have more average shots that most upgraded weapons, and are great for wounding most infantry and penetrating light vehicles, a majority of what is played in games of 40k. Combined, a player gets to place multiple instances of these weapons on the table, shooting many, many times, that leads to many wounds that the opponent must save against. What is not to love?

The cons unfortunately is items that Strength 6 is not good against, high toughness, and high armor value. But luckily, like stated earlier, Strength 6 upgrades are cheaper, so a judicious use, one has room for upgrades that the few items Strength 6 cannot deal with are also on the table.

The basis for most army list building is maximizing potential and if one is having trouble generating enough offense to stay in the games they play, look to your codex for place where Strength 6 weapons seem to inhabit. It is place of cheap options, a lot of shots, and will place enough wounds on enough fodder, you can finally use your big guns on big problems.