Kalemne is the face card of the the Red/White Commander 2015 deck that just dropped.

And it is a blast.

The experience counter mechanic adds a new wrinkle to commanders that just begs you to pay more attention to that commander. With Kalemne, he gets bigger, which turns him into the camp of commanders that might be the most satisfying to play, the puncher. Punchers are the commanders that beg you to build a deck around them that you are trying to punch out your opponents in one or two swings. Traditionally, to achieve that, you what to built up the commander with equipment, enchantments, and pumps, and get multiple attack steps with your commander (remember you have to punch multiple opponents out).

So why should you choose Kalemne over the traditional punchers like Rafiq, Progenitus and such? Three reasons come to mind.

First, building up your commander usually involves focusing on playing cards with that go on the commander. With Kalemne, his mechanics asks you to play big creatures, since he has the built in growth based on casting them. So now the deck is asking you to play 2 strategies. Bad right? It this case no, your early game opponents are going to try and stop your other big creatures from pounding you into the ground. When that stalls, re-drop Kalemne, and with other greater puncher mechanic, double-strike, which is built in to Kalemne. You are jabbing with one game plan, and finishing with the knockout puncher.

Second, you are playing the color of multiple attack steps. That’s why we call in the Red Zone in Magic. The multiple attack steps help both plans from up top, either overwhelm opponents with multiple big creatures, or puncher someone twice to commander damage them out the game.

And third, white, the color of protection, which will help you protect Kalemne, or yourself, because Kalemne has vigilance. He can attack and block. Traditional punchers, one usually has to pick, attack or block. But Kalemne allows you to do both. Big enough to punch, able to double-strike out most blockers, and can lean back and do the same thing to attackers. Offense and defense, items you usually have to pick between, now Kalemne is built to do both.
Play offense of like and red player, and defense like a white player and they both progress the game plan. Try Kalemne.