Top 10 Graphic Novels: My Favorites.

This month I will show you the books that kept me in love with comics. As always, these are books I own, and some might have shown up on previous lists.

Invincible Collection, vol 1: This is probably the best super-hero story ever told. Six months after Robert Kirkman gave us Walking Dead, he then gave us this under-appreciated comic. Its a real treat.

Big Book of Barry Ween: One of the funniest books I have ever read. Barry Ween is Judd Winick’s opus to every know-it-all kids out there.

Criminal, vol 2, Lawless: One of the best crime comics out there. Smartly told, and unfolds like one big sign of disbelief the whole time you read it. This book is the reason many comics readers swear on Brubaker and Philip’s crime books.

DC Archive Plastic Man vol 1: This might be one of the greatest comics ever drawn, and it was created at the beginning of comics, in 1941. There is not much in my mind that is better than Jack Cole’s imagination taking form in front of your eyes. Such a pleasing book.

Mouse Guard Fall 1152 HC: David Petersen’s fantasy drama is expertly drawn, and told just as well. Set in a backdrop of confederate of city-states, populated by mice. The action revolves around the independent force that polices and guides other mice going from one city to the next.

Xenozoic by Mark Schultz: Mark Schultz’s opus harkens back to the days of pulp era comics, and with his expert line work gives us a great post apocalyptic vision that is one of the most creative in the business.

Gotham Central HC vol 2, Jokers and Madmen: In my mind the best and scariest Joker story ever told.

Immortal Iron Fist Complete Collection vol 1: I became a fan decades ago of Iron Fist based on his costume. I will always stay a fan because of the story Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker told in these pages.

Absolute Planetary vol 1: This is where my love affair with Warren Ellis’s writing became complete. The absolute editions are larger books and John Cassidy’s art looks fantastic in this blown up edition.

Bone, Complete Collection: If you do not want to live in the Valley after you read this book, we definitely read two different books. Be prepared to be transported.